Our Skilled & dedicated profession numbering about 350 have helped us in establishing a reliable name not only in Indian market but as well in International market. We are one of the leading manufacturers of large range of sports products and as far as quality is concerned as we try to match the International Standard. Our product has been launched with a brand name DIXON CLUB & BOB. We believe in principles and ensure best after sales service and excellent customer relationship.
Dhir Sporting Corporation was founded in Jalandhar, world capital in sports goods. In the year 1986 Dhir Sporting Corporation was built by "VIJAY DHIR" who have been capable of creating a reputation for supply of quality sports equipment notably for

> Cricket

> Badminton

> Skates
Dhir Sporting Corporation is leading supplier of sports equipment like Cricket Ball,Cricket Bat in India, Exporter of sports goods and accessories of top sports brands.

Dhir Sporting Corporation is the best place to purchase sports products.

> Varun, Delhi